Our Values

Woman-Owned Business

Divergent Science is proud to be a woman-owned business.

It is the intention of the Members of the Company and the Parties to this Agreement that the Company shall be owned and operated as a Woman Owned Business. To that end, the Company shall be owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women, the Majority Percentage Interests in the Company shall be owned by women, the management and daily operations of the Company shall be controlled by women, women shall direct all management, policy, fiscal and operational matters and the Company shall be structured and shall conduct business activities so as to comply with all requirements necessary for a company to operate as a woman owned business under applicable State and Federal Laws. Moreover, the Company shall have no formal or informal restrictions which limit the discretion of the female Majority Percentage Owners of the Company to operate and control the Company without the cooperation or vote of any other Members, Managers or Officers.

Diversity Statement

We strive to create an authentic culture of inclusion that promotes innovation and discovery.

Diverse voices on teams contribute to new knowledge and innovation. A growing body of literature calls for “diversity” on scientific teams to create more effective and meaningful outcomes.  SciTS literature has repeatedly found that diversity (of gender, ethnicity, and scientific discipline) in scientific teams helps build collective intelligence and create new knowledge (Bear & Woolley, 2011; Kaner, Lind, Toldi, Fisk, & Berger, 2014; Woolley, Chabris, Pentland, Hashmi, & Malone, 2010).  Diversity supports more divergent thinking, discourages group think, enhances innovation, and ultimately can help the team develop unique ideas (Smith-Doerr, Alegria, & Sacco, 2017).  Diversity is a critical function of scientific teams.  Divergent Science LLC is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our business.  Diversity is more than just something to be achieved – it is the foundation of truly revolutionary, divergent science.

References for our Diversity Statement

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