Team-Building for Scientists: How to Create your Dream Team

Want to prevent conflicts before they start? Does everyone on your team have a different vision? Maybe you need a team charter!? This course will walk your whole team through seven workshops to create a team charter to improve collaborations, bolster productivity, and improve your overall team experience.

What to expect

Each section of the team charter includes an instructional video, asynchronous prompt, and a synchronous prompt.

  • The instructional video provides literature and background information. The video is designed to be watched individually, on your own time, before the team tackles the synchronous prompt.
  • The asynchronous prompts are designed to help each team member reflect and brainstorm individually before the team tackles the synchronous prompts. Like the name implies… the asynchronous prompt is designed to be complete individually, on your own time, before the team tackles the synchronous prompt
  • The synchronous prompts is to be completed by the whole team. These are designed to be completed during one team meeting.
  • After each meeting, designate one person to fill-in a section of the team charter until you have all eight components.

Team Charter Components

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Joy
  3. Team Values
  4. Communication Plan
  5. Conflict Plan
  6. Team Agreements
  7. Graceful Exits
  8. Adjourning

Meet the Creators

Ellen and Hannah have been working as a consulting duo since 2015. They have worked with teams applying for multi-million dollar research centers and small teams who are working on community issues. They have remarkably different disciplinary backgrounds. Ellen’s a chemist and Hannah’s a sociologist/team scientist. Their combined perspective provides insights into the functioning of interdisciplinary scientific teams. They designed their online courses with a variety of teams in mind. They are on hand to troubleshoot, answer questions, and more. Send them an email at with questions.

Terms of Use

This is our livelihood – please don’t take it and reproduce.  If costs are inhibitive or you want to use the training for a large group please send me an email at  We would be happy to make a special arrangement or maybe even do a live training for your team/class/lab/research group etc.

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