Divergent Science empowers scientific teams to create new knowledge and build solutions to solve complex global challenges.

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Do you need a multi-disciplinary approach to answer your research question? Check out our team training options where we put research into practice.

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Do you need help developing a team vision to get everyone focused on the same goals? We have lots of resources and pro-tips.

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Looking for science facilitation? Meet the Facilitation Guild.

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What is team science?

What is The Science of Team Science (SciTS)? The Science of Team Science (SciTS) emerged as a field of study because scientists are increasingly charged with solving complex and large-scale societal, health, and environmental challenges.  SciTS is fundamentally interdisciplinary.  It requires systems level thinking and a combination of numerous disciplines including design, creativity, process, structure, sociology, psychology, administration, education, philosophy.

What is Team Science? Team Science is the practice of SciTS.  It can involve team trainings, facilitation, convergence research and more!

Our Goal: The goal of our work is to use the knowledge gained through SciTS to effectively practice team science by empowering teams to create new knowledge and build solutions to solve complex global challenges.

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